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Critical Alerts. So You Don't Get Caught Out

Alerts you when things go wrong eg. broken web links, campaigns that stop serving ads, credit card failures etc.
Adpulse Critical Alerts - Zero Impressions

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Start a free 14-day trial during August and only pay $19.99/mth for the first month. Unlimited spend, unlimited ad accounts, unlimited users, unlimited potential.
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Alert examples that are worth their weight in ad spend

Find out quickly when campaigns stop serving

Avoid awkward client calls that inevitably happen when campaigns stop serving, by receiving alerts quickly. Means you can be proactive and look like a rockstar.
Adpulse Critical Alerts - Zero Impressions

Quickly find disapproved ads

Adpulse Critical Alerts - Disapproved Ads
Find out why an ad has been disapproved so you can get it up and serving as soon as possible.  Provides everything you need to troubleshoot.

Stop wasting spend on broken links

Adpulse Critical Alerts - Link Error
Whether it's a 404, broken SSL certificate, domain issues, or something else, knowing when you're paying to send traffic to broken links is crucial.
  • "Our team has really taken to Adpulse - they got up to speed quickly and adoption has been pretty easy. They love the interface and the super quick speed means no hold-ups in their daily work flow - they are very happy, which makes me very happy."
    Santosh Kumar, Director
    Solutions 8
  • "Shaun, founder and CEO of Adpulse, really is one of the best strategic PPC minds I've had the pleasure of working with. The course content he created, while being advanced and quite innovative, was still easy to digest and implement - we've had amazing feedback from the attendees."
    Jeff Sauer
    Data Driven U
  • "What had previously been a weekly task for me is now gone forever! Adpulse does the budget management for me exactly how I want it. Now I can spend that time on more important things."
    Thomas Schneider, CEO
    Performance Marketing Heim AB
  • "Adpulse is our first port of call each and every morning. Budget and pacing information is clear and customizable. nsights have been developed with optimisations in mind and are actionable. " 
    Michael Niotakis, Search Engineer
    Due North

Adpulse is brought to you by a team of dog-loving, digital marketing junkies. Agencies from around the world use our products to reduce the complexity and risks of digital spend through our unique monitoring and management platform.

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