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Manage Search Terms The Easy Way

We know that managing search terms is a time-consuming but crucial part of optimizing a PPC Account, so we built a tool to make it easy - and fast
Manage Search Terms

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The fastest way to manage negatives

Easily find and fix wasteful search terms by adding them as negative keywords

Where this excels over other platforms is that we aggregate data for you at the campaign level (like a pivot table) to give the true picture of a search term’s performance, regardless of which keywords it triggered against.

So much faster than Google Ads

About 5 times faster than doing it in Google Ads  - we know, we timed it. Multiply that by the number of clients and campaigns and the time-saving becomes very clear.

Add to multiple locations and shared lists

You can and negatives in bulk to multiple locations, such as shared lists and campaigns. Add as any match type: exact, phrase or broad.
  • "Our team has really taken to Adpulse - they got up to speed quickly and adoption has been pretty easy. They love the interface and the super quick speed means no hold-ups in their daily work flow - they are very happy, which makes me very happy."
    Santosh Kumar, Director
    Solutions 8
  • "Shaun, founder and CEO of Adpulse, really is one of the best strategic PPC minds I've had the pleasure of working with. The course content he created, while being advanced and quite innovative, was still easy to digest and implement - we've had amazing feedback from the attendees."
    Jeff Sauer
    Data Driven U
  • "What had previously been a weekly task for me is now gone forever! Adpulse does the budget management for me exactly how I want it. Now I can spend that time on more important things."
    Thomas Schneider, CEO
    Performance Marketing Heim AB
  • "Adpulse is our first port of call each and every morning. Budget and pacing information is clear and customizable. nsights have been developed with optimisations in mind and are actionable. " 
    Michael Niotakis, Search Engineer
    Due North

Adpulse is brought to you by a team of dog-loving, digital marketing junkies. Agencies from around the world use our products to reduce the complexity and risks of digital spend through our unique monitoring and management platform.

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